Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Oh, come on, Puddin’! Don’t you wanna rev up your “Harley”?

A few days ago I blogged about 3D MESHiah, and now I’m gonna blog about ’em again.  I love Harley Quinn from Batman so when I saw 3D MESHiah’s Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum mesh avatar, I knew I had to get it. This is my first mesh avatar and I’ve very impressed. The smoothness of the joints, the limbs, the facial features is just fantastic. There are still some issues (like no facial animations, still some clipping issues with certain poses/movements [see last picture]) but I’m really impressed at what mesh can do.  This Harley Quinn avatar is 90% mesh (comes with prim hair). The prim hair leaves a lot to be desired so I looked deep into my inventory to find a suitable hair (I was even gonna use a demo hair!) but Truth came to the rescue again (super cute, classic school girl pigtails are obviously a must-have for any girl). If you are looking for some really great mesh avatars for your roleplaying needs, I recommend giving 3D MESHiah a look-see.

***All pictures are unedited except for cropping***

Hair : Truth - Sable
Avatar & Outfit : 3D MESHiah - Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum

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