Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

‘Cause he dodges bullets, Avi.

Last week sometime I finally became a member of Insanya‘s VIP group. I can tell you, it wasn’t because of all the free gifts for group members (and there are a ton!). It was because Insanya offers a certain % discount on certain products…2 of the three products that I wanted were part of this special discount. It was obvious then that I had to join up. I originally saw the Street Army Sweater on a blog a while ago and always wanted it, well, i finally got it…TWO in fact. The texture and quality is outstanding. I really wasn’t expecting how much of a perfect fit the optional chest prim was either. I also scooped up the Paratrooper Fatigues from Tonktastic (after much debate because they are expensive). Another great buy though. I love the look of them and again, the textures are just…wow.

Speaking of things I can’t afford, I’ve been wanting one of those fancy mesh guns from Epic Arsenal but can’t afford it, so I went with this silver mesh Beretta M9 from 3D MESHiah. It looks fantastic! For 99L, you technically get four guns…A holstered version (holster not included) and a “regular” version. Each of those comes as opaque and reflex. Reflex is really cool because it makes the gun all shiny and reflective for that sophisticated polished look. (For some reason, I couldn’t stop thinking about that scene in Snatch where Bullet Tooth Tony is in the pub with Tyrone, Sol, and Vinny talking about his Desert Eagle .50 and their replicas…, I love that movie)


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