Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Tangled Up In Blue

Gatchas were invented for rich people. Honest! It was made for people who can frivolously throw away their $L until they get what they want. Kinda why I hate gatchas. I’m not part of the 1% (oooo topical! scandal!) so I can’t really just keep paying and paying until I get what I want. But, I went to the Seasons Gatcha Winter Event anyway. I didn’t waste tons of money, I pretty much got what I wanted on the first time (or I liked it so much I didn’t care what colour it was) except for DECO. I REALLY wanted the DECO Winter Boots but…I ran out of allotted Gatcha money. After seeing it like all over flickr, I knew I had to get the Lucille Sweater Dress from AddiCt (one of those “I don’t care I just neeeeed it” ones). It’s super cute and obvious why it’s such a popular item. I also got a few poses from Olive Juice and this one from aDORKable Poses. (Two of my favourite pose stores so now you know where my money went). Whether you have money or not, it’s a really neat event and the sim is GORGEOUS. It runs until the 28th of this month so hurry up and git yo butt down there!

Hair : Truth - Cate
Ears : Pera - Droopy Ears
Neck Tattoo : Juicy Box - Selvagem
Ring : PIDIDDLE - Gawdy Ring
Sweater : AddiCt - Lucille Sweater Dress
Leggings : League - Merino Leggings
Boots : BDR - Sweetie Boots
Pose : aDORKable Poses

On a side note, I just want to say sorry! I mentioned at the beginning of winter that I was going to do winter posts and that hasn’t really happened. I’m sorry for all those that wanted to see them (probably none of you) but there isn’t much “winter” stuff I’ve desperately wanted or wanted to showoff.


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