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Blinded by the light

If you pay attention, you might have noticed that I have two different eye colours (CRAZY I KNOW!). After a long aversion to prim eyes, I couldn’t decide if I liked the green or blue better so I wear both. Well, Mayfly has released some brand new mesh eyes (yesh, i said mesh). So what’s so fancy about mesh eyes?  I have no idea. BUT there was this handy little notecard from Mayfly that explains it all.

Why bother with mesh eyes you ask?

Simply put, they allow you to easily give yourself odd-eye (two different color eyes).

You may be saying, “We can do that with regular prim eyes.”, and you can, but the mesh prim is a replica of the mesh eyeball already in your avatar’s head. That means the mesh prim eye is going to look exactly like your regular eyes.

Mayfly’s mesh eyes also have the advantage of a custom sizing script, which is programmed with 28 preset sizes that automatically adjust their position as you choose new sizes. No fussing with the edit menu at all! Just wear the eye, click it, and pick your size from the menu. It’s really very simple.

What’s more, you get multiple iris size choices in one eye! Our custom script actually has two sizing options that allow you to effectively choose iris sizes that are either proportioned like your regular eye and even a little larger , or ones that let you move into sizes that are smaller than your usual Deep Sky Eye irises.

Lastly, because the eye textures are applied to a prim, they appear a little sharper than the slightly softened look of a regular avatar eye. That’s a nice, unexpected bonus!

Show off your creative style and individuality with two different color eyes.

To be honest, I still don’t really see why this is so amazing BUT WAIT! There’s more. Well, sorta. Below are the eyes (Insufferable Dastard) that I wear & the new Mayfly mesh eyes:

Here they are with sunglasses:

THAT right there, is huge for me. I don’t know if prim eyes showing through some sunglasses like that happen for everyone, but it happens to me and it’s kind of annoying. I know that seems very trivial to some (probably most).

All that being said though, I doubt I’ll wear these very often because I just adore how Insufferable Dastard eyes look. Sorry =/


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