Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

News From Erma.

I have TWO new things for you! Yup, this post is a two-for.

The first is from Wynter for the new session of Perfect WARdrobe. This time around, the theme is fairy tales. Wynter is offering two hoodies; a red (Little Red Riding Hood obviously) and green (The Frog Prince). It comes with the option to display the “tag” (aka small picture tag that represents the story) or to not have it (shown below).


The second newness is from *BOOM*. Available in 29 different colours, the Oslo Baggy Mini Sweater Dress is another great mesh product for the ladies. It comes in 5 “standard” sizes (L – XXS) and a whackload of alpha layers to hide your odds and ends.

*smacks forehead* Almost forgot to mention the new mesh sneakers from HOC. These little badboys are new, unisex (comes with a male and female size) and the sweet denim version is available now as a group gift. So I guess this makes this post a 3-in-1 !


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