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Sweet Days of Summer

Ok I know I said that I was going to be doing more winter theme posts but….there isn’t much snow on the ground here so I’m not yet in the winter mood. Plus I got this adorbs skirt from Nemesis that I just love. Which is saying A LOT because I hardly ever wear skirts. This post has been a few days in the making because I bought this a few days ago at Fashionably Late but I couldn’t find a shirt that went with it. I finally clued in that the Surf Polo from BOOM was, like PERFECT. I was also waiting to get some mesh feet from SLink. They are pretty amazing. I got the rigged ones so they move with the ankle, like real feet. SLink also offers static ones in four positions, which I guess would be more suitable for photography.

Hair : Shag - Stella Was A Dive
Earring : [ glow ] studio - Indian Summer
Necklaces : Artilleri - Wenche necklace
Shirt : BOOM - Surf Polo
Skirt : Nemesis - Lounge skirt
Feet : SLink - Mesh feet

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