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Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Easy like Sunday morning

Last post I showed you Wynter’s jacket that is being offered at Perfect WARdrobe. Well, Wynter is also offering Me Loves Winterview undies! For boys and girls! Yay! Now I’m wearing the men’s boxers but there is a sexy corset and matching thong for the girls. There’s some pretty neat stuff at this round of Perfect WARdrobe but there’s nothing more comfy than a hoodie while wearing boxers (well, maybe there is but for the point of this blog, there isn’t). The hoodie is my first ever purchase from Medley and I’m very pleased. Everything fit perfectly which is always impressive when it comes to sweaters. I’ll probably be going back to get the other colours no doubt.

Hair : Shag - Goodbye
Hoodie : Medley - Hoodie
Boxers : Wynter - Me Loves Winterview (Perfect WARdrobe)
Pose : !bang

Check out my other Perfect WARdrobe post on SL Extravaganza!



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