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Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

I’ve been in more laps than a napkin

If you missed it, check out SL Extravaganza where I did another Vintage Fair post.

The Vivian Corset from Philo is one of the things I that I had to go back and pick up (although I’m pretty sure it’s not a VF exclusive). To be honest, I never heard of Philo until a couple of days ago from another blogger, then I saw this at VF. So naturally I checked out the marketplace store and I see a shopping spree in the near future! Back to the Vivian Corset though, this is such an amazingly textured, perfectly primmed article of clothing. It does come with matching panties, but I decided to not wear them. I really wish I could have gotten the fatpack but I settled for the Candy Apple red because nothing screams sex symbol like red, right ladies and gents?

Most blogs/stores I’ve looked at never really show the back of items but I just HAD to show the back of this corset. The attention to detail is just great and I think it might actually be way more detailed in the back than the front.

Hair : Exile - Arihana
Corset : PHILO - Vivian Corset
Heels : HOC Industries - Platform Pumps

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