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It’s black, it’s white…

There is just so much awesome stuff at Perfect WARdrobe this session that I just had to do another post for you guys. Usually I don’t wear “digi” feet and pretend to be a cat or a faun or whatever but these Doodlebug Boots from Epic were just too awesome to not show. I’m wearing the faun/demon but they also come as a paw. I really wanted to show off the boots so I decided to not wear much at all, which is why I choose My Black Corset from Sticky Fingers.

Hair : Head Mistress - Sex Symbol in black
Bubblegum : Pink Fuel - Yum Bubblegum!
Rings : Delusions - Cross Bones (Perfect WARdrobe)
Tattoo : Para Designs - Retro
Top : Sticky Fingers - My Black Corset (Perfect WARdrobe)
Hoofs : Epic - Doodlebug Boots (Faun/Demon) (Perfect WARdrobe)
Pose : dfo - Colette
Want some more? Head over to SL Extravaganza for another Perfect WARdrobe post featuring items from Yulicie, Aura and {K}Rea.

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