Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

You can dress her up…

I know there is stuff that I’m supposed to be blogging about but like really….with this new laptop, it’s like I can see for the first time ever (ok a BIT of a stretch but close enough!).

I have to say that I’m jumping on the mesh bandwagon. The stuff available out there is pretty amazing and (like I mentioned before) I can finally see mesh stuff I had to get some stuff to wear. Like this BEAUTIFUL Fabria Mesh Gown from Rebel Hope Designs. It comes in two sizes (Average & Curvy), as well as a Heels/No Heels version and two collar ruffle styles (Opaque & Sheer). I’m wearing the Size 2 (Curvy) and found that I had to get a little bit of a boob job or else you could great view from the side (although I’m sure more men would be interested in fashion if the ladies walked around like that). The simple silver flower design of the new Ishtar set from A BirdSong paired perfectly with the classy, simplicity of the gown, don’t ya think?

Hair : Exile – Posh in Hazelnut
Dress : !Rebel Hope Designs – Fabria Mesh Gown in Aqua
Jewellery : A BirdSong – Ishtar Flower Necklace & Ring
Pose : Juxtapose – Handy Dandy



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