Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

If music is the victim, then so am I

*** Sorry for the disastrous look. Still trying to figure out a general theme/look for the blog***

Perfect WARdrobe has opened up again. This time the theme is music (great right?). There is a TON of great stuff this time around and it truly is hard to just pick a few items if you are on a budget. A few of my “gotta gets” include these snazzy Play That pants from Wynter (they are unisex and Wynter also has a Play Me dress available just for the girls), Izzie’s Microphone necklace (comes with a variety of shirts as well), Delusion’s Bass Down Low belt and {K}Rea’s Subversive Shirt (which I’m pretty sure is “men only” but…..that’s never stopped me before). The Amped makeup from ni.ju pretty much makes this a badass look.


Hair : Exile – Cady:Roots in Beach
Eye Makeup : ni.ju – Amped (PW)
Lip Stripe : la petite morte – Red Stripe Lips
Necklace : Izzie’s – Microphone Necklace (PW)
Shirt : {K}Rea – Subversive Tshirt Piano (PW)
Belt : Delusions – Bass Down Low Belt & Keychain (PW)
Pants : Wynter – Play That Pants (PW)
Boots : Elikatira – Secret Boots in Winter

Pose : PNP – Darkly Delicious Hunt Item


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