Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Without community, there is no liberation.

So I’m going to be kind of lazy here and just tell you to check out this blog or this one for information about the 4.44.444 Free*Style event going on right now until Oct. 14. A quick rundown though, is that everything is either 4L, 44L or 444L in celebration of 4 years of Free*Style. The BOTHER nerd glasses (4L), Connie hair from esk-imo (All colours and 3 bang types for only 44L) and the .ID. Classic Eyes V2 (4 colours and prim versions for 44L) are all from the event (also purchased a nice simple skybox for 4L).

::annaA:: just released some Slave Soap for when you feel nasty. There are 3 flavours, get them here. &&don’t forget to check out Anna’s blog for all things ::annaA::

Shape : annaA – Ramona
Skin : Al Vulo – nilpez* orange kauai olive
Eyes : ID – Classic Eyes v2 (4.44.444)
Glasses : Bother – Nerd Glasses (4.44.444)
Hair : esk-imo – Connie (4.44.444)
Soap : annaA – Slave Soap


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