Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Bakery Robbery!

Poses. Something that fuels bloggers. Something that fuels SLex. Everyone needs poses.

Everyone needs Rack poses.

Rack Poses is the amazing new pose store from Kristy Oherlihy & Cheyn Lane (Kristy is also behind KHUSH). I get the amazing opportunity to blog some of the poses and let me tell you, they are NSFW but definitely GFS (Great For SL…sorry that was lame). Rack Poses specialises in adult themed poses (BDSM, Femdom, submission/slavery, etc). Check out the mainstore and don’t forget to sign up for the subscribo to get info about new releases and other goodies!

Also, see that great tattoo on my legs? Yea, that’s from KHUSH. You can get it here on the marketplace. Speaking of KHUSH, they are celebrating their 2nd birthday with a little hunt. Head over to KHUSH and find the 6 bears for some great gifts. I believe they’ve also opened a VIP group with no fee as part of the celebration. BUT HURRY UP! The party end Saturday.


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