Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

What Little Girls Are Made Of

I saw someone on Flickr with a sweet cowboy hat. So immediately i had to find out where it was from. And got an idea for a photo from that and Miranda Lambert (See end of post).Well, it’s from Surf Co. and just recently put back out on sale. The Straw Cowboy Hat comes in a bunch of colours AND comes with a wheat straw to munch on while you’re waiting for that man of yours to come home. I also picked up the I’m A Little Bit Country plaid shirt cause….well, you can never have enough plaid. Yeehaw!

It took me two days to find a proper shotgun. And by proper, i mean one that wasn’t taller than me. After searching and searching, I found this Winchester 1887 Sawed Off Shotgun from Fairport.  Now, this is where I kinda feel bad. I had a picture in mind with a certain pose but it wasn’t working out. My SL crashed as well when I purchased this off the marketplace so I IM’d the creator and he sent it over ASAP. We talked for a bit as well, I told him my idea and he helped me out SO much (Sending me a pose and a non scripted version of the shotgun). A Really nice guy and I feel bad that I didn’t even use that pose!

Skin : Tuli – Claire in Sunkissed
Cowboy Hat : Surf Co. – Straw Cowboy Hat in Dune + Chewing Wheat
Hair : Truth – Danni in Champagne
Shirt : Surf Co. – I’m A Little Bit Country in Mossy Creek
Skirt : Berries Inc
Boots : Hoorenbeek – Cowboy Boots
Shotgun : Fairport – Winchester 1887 Sawed Off Shotgun

Pose : Everglow





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