Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Guilt is the reason they put the articles in Playboy.

Another hunt currently going on is Your Inner Bunny Hunt. It’s not a free hunt though, each item is 1L. I’m not a huge fan of hunts that have a price tag unless I can see what I’m buying (even if it’s just 1L) so again, this is one that I was picky with (Ok, I’m picky with all hunts and hardly ever do every single store). AMD is part of this hunt and is offering ALL 7 tones of the GiGi skin for 1L! It has this wickedly dramatic “Evil Bunny” makeup. PixelFashion is another participant. Their hunt item is the Mya Clogs in pastel. These were two of the “must haves” for me. Check out the YIBH blog for locations, hints and pictures of some of the items.

On a side note, The Whore Mansion 30% summer sale is coming to an end (if it hasn’t already). I picked up the “summer edition” of the Slouchy Tee. It’s VERY shear and comes with or without a bra, which is a nice thing because sometimes you wanna wear you’re own, not the bikini top that is included. So head there now and pick a few things up before summer ends! (The sale is NOT in the store. At the landing point, go to the right of the building.)


Hair : Exile – Rae:Roots in California
Skin : AMD – GiGi Evil Bunny in Caramel (YIBH)
Bra : The Whore Mansion – Delice Lingerie in zebra
Top : The Whore Mansion – Slouchy Tee in stripped green
Panties : Luck Inc. – Peek A Boo Panties in zebra
Belt : Pepper – Never Again (GSP)
Shoes : PixelFashion – Mya Clogs in Pastel (YIBH)


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