Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

We want no Czechs.

I couldn’t really decide what I wanted my next post should be so i took to the streets! Figuratively. Most people said military or sexy. First of all, i don’t know how to *do* sexy. Except Lourdes pointed out that a few of my previous pictures were sexy so, I can be sexy accidentally. Secondly, I was thinking about this today at work while i was doing my very repetitive job. I don’t wanna say people are trying to hard to be sexy but I’ve noticed that some female bloggers are like….naked for alot of their posts. It’s like, “Hey, new shoe release from so and so” BAM! Titties in yo face. Like really? Just show me the shoes. Sure maybe the male population is jerking off to your pixel tits but…i just wanna see the shoes. Srsly. Is that what sexy is? Being naked all the time? Should I be doing this toooooo?!


Anyway, I went with the military look for this post cause well….mostly i just wanted to really buy this dress from Amerie. It’s the Military Dress in khaki and i totally love it. So glad I got it. I figured I needed something else to go with it so I searched for “military” in the marketplace and came across SISU. Yeah, insta-love. I couldnt decide between the Russian Pilotka and the USSR Army Office Cap. Someone said I would look cuter in the Pilotka so that’s what i got. Just great detail in their products. If you need something military, go there!

Interesting fact: From 1939 to 1945, Czechoslovakia did not exist because of its forced division and partial incorporation into Nazi Germany.



Also, enjoy this song 🙂


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