Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Man is the hunter; woman is his game

Meet Hunter. My new boyfriend! I kid i kid.  This is just me in drag. A few days ago i did a post about the Bachelor Bed from Catnip. Out of allllll the guys i know on SL, NONE wanted to help me take pictures! Imagine that! Some of these guys are the same ones that post nude pics on flickr but they can’t rawk out with their cawk out for me just once with a blowup doll. Sheesh. So i went through my inventory, found some male stuff from various hunts and group gifts and ta-da! Hunter was born. No, he’s not an alt and yes, i know it’s just me so technically, it’s still Jolene but….that’s just weird. So i named him Hunter cause…i just love that name and if i ever have a baby boy, I’ll name him Hunter…or Memphis…or Keith…or Kenneth. HEY, i’m a girl, we have stuff like this already picked from like birth.

BUT here he is. Enjoy him. He might be popping up more in the future since some groups i’m in have been sending Male and Female gifts out. And see that helmet he’s wearing? I’ll be blogging that next.


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