Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

I thought I was your snack pack.

Little known fact about yours truly : I use to log on to SL for the sole purpose of going to Hillcrest (College RP Sim). The first two days, I made friends with the “popular” kids. After that, I made fun of them and became a Hillcrest Outcast (even got kicked out of a class for giving a guy a handjob during the lecture).

Having said that and since almost every second commercial on the radio and TV is for back to school junk, I decided to show you what one of my “daily” outfits was at Hillcrest. I almost always rawked the backpack from Action. It comes in two styles, one with a skateboard clipped on the back and one without. I love the detail in it and the whole “hanging off one shoulder” thing

I have added two new things…the hair and the hat. The hair is the new Danni from Truth (a surprise gift when I got on today!) I love the cute style to it, and i totally wore my hair like this in high school. The hat is from the great Havok. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted (a snapback or fitted) but in the end, I settled on the Cleveland Indians snapback because my friend got drafted by the Indians. Pretty sweet right? (I mean the hat but my friend being drafted is too!)

Hair : Truth – Danni in Swedish
Hat : Havok – Cleveland Indians Snapback
Shirt : Suicidal Unborn – Me Against The World Tee in blue
Pants : Suicidal Unborn – Tartan Pants in blue
Necklace : Sorry.Asia – See My Light
Backpack : Action – Skater Bag in Neon Pink


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