Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Did I feel naked being naked? Yeah. Totally.

I’ve gotten a few messages on Flickr asking me what skin, eyes, tattoo, etc i have on. Or that I should credit the skin, shape, etc that I’m wearing not just the clothes. Well, there’s a reason why I don’t. Unlike many Sl bloggers, I don’t get free skin packs to review every other day (since starting this blog, I’ve gotten 5 things free) and I hardly ever change my skin and shape. This really is the avatar that I use when I’m in SL. There are some things that I don’t change (except recently I’ve decided to stop wearing the first tattoo that I got two years ago when I first started in SL). So I’ve added a fancy new page called Basics. It’s…well, what I look like naked. So if something basic is not credited in a post, that’s where to find it.


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