Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

See, to me, England was nothing more then a big fucking American state like North Dakota or Canada.

We all know that i love A&M. As of the last post, you know i’m broke. i had to sell my body for sex beg my friend for 5$L so i could afford this new hunt item from A&M. SO glad i did! (And he graciously gave me 10$L, nice guy eh?) i’m usually a sucker for anything with the union jack on it because it reminds me ye olde days of punk (yeah, i dunno). Also, i was feeling a bit punkish. Back on topic though, i love this shirt, i had to mod it a little bit though but it looks great and i’m sure i hope A&M will release a whole line of these tubetops (and hopefully i’ll have some money to spend by then). This is the first time i’ve tried the Greedy tongue (also from A&M) and it’s so great. It comes with two “mouth drips” : chocolate and strawberry. Although the strawberry looks like blood which, you know, i’m sure more people will buy because of the whole vampire craze and whatnot.

Also, this is the first time i’ve ever worn plugs. And i didn’t have to match the skin so that’s a good sign right?

On a side note, if you’re feeling punky i suggest watching Hard Core Logo or SLC Punk. (Seriously. Watch HCL if you’ve never seen it. It’s so fucked up, it’s awesome.) Extra points if you knew the post title is from SLC Punk.

Hair : MADesigns – Luz in Club Black III
Top : A&M – Short Tubetop – England (5$L Rock Attitude Hunt)
Belt : Hermony – LuckyDeath Belt in brown
Pants : WWI – Punk ASs Jeans
Shoes : Pretsel – Grunge
TOngue : A&M – Greedy Tongue
Plugs : EY:NO – Aquarium
Tattoos : Bird Next Door – Gun / Para Design – Vermin

Pose : TeaSoup – Guilty as Charged


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