Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Artists like cats; soldiers like dogs.

i have a few outfits from Twisted & Spoiled (great store name right?) but Renegade has always been my favourite. Maybe it’s the camo? Maybe cause it’s the first outfit i bought from there? Either way, it’s pretty awesome. i love that the outfits are like, actually complete outfits. It comes with the rings, the necklace, the shoes (not shown), the gloves, the pants and three different shirt options: light, dark, and dirty (shown).

A while back, i had an idea for a picture and wanted/needed a gas mask but didn’t have lots of $L so i found this awesome Nocturne Sleek Breather from Rublik. And it’s a group gift! The light accents are colour changeable so you can be fashionable and match your outfit when you need to stop toxic gases or poisonous material from entering your lungs.  Speaking of free, this M4A1 is a freebie from Frag. Honestly, never heard of this store but that’s probably because i don’t buy guns or weapons or mess around in combat sims. So when i went searching for an assault rifle on the marketplace, this came up.  it’s pretty awesome and has a bunch of features, including a resizer which (after reading some reviews for a few weapons) is great because most guns seem to be completely unrealistic in terms of size.

Hair : Exile – Camille:Roots in beach mix
Mask : Rublik – Nocturne Sleek Breather (group gift)
Outfit : Twisted & Spoiled – Renegade in brown
Assault Rifle : Frag – M4A1 (free)
Tattoos : Ag – Sunscreen (freebie) & Luck Inc. – CamoBody
Dogtags : Mandala – Shamira Dog Tag

Pose : dfo! – if i  didn’t know (free)


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