Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Sticks & Stones may break my bones but whips & chains excite me.

i haven’t really been inspired to blog lately….i even thought about quitting the whole thing (yeah i had a weird strange odd bad day).

BUT the other night, i was hanging out with a good friend and He commented that my hair (Andarial by Magika from Hair Fair 2011) looked very Gaga-esque. After my initial disgust, i could kinda see where He’s coming from. And THAT is what inspired me to post today.

So as mentioned, the hair is a Hair Fair release from Magika. i loves it. Obviously i do since i battled the lag the get it. It’s definitely a big hair that says “HI! I’M HERE! LOOK AT ME!” cause what girl doesn’t want all eyes on her when she walks into the room. Magika is quickly becoming one of my favourite hair designers. What i really like about them is that they include a mirrored version which is great for long hair because sometimes you need it hang on the other shoulder, or you want your bangs to cover the other side of your face for a picture, etc.

i was going for a “dominatrix” look but i couldn’t resist adding some pink there. Enter stage left: Ultra High Waisted Panties from Gawk! The first time i saw these, i wanted every colour. But unlike many SL bloggers, i’m on a VERY tight budget so i had the hardest time picking just one colour (there’s TWO pinks! how was i to choose!)
To counteract the girly, non dominatrix look of the pink, i figured these super, amazingly detailed Adnata boots from Addictia would do the trick. i got these (graphite) and the crimson colour as gifts and i was just so amazed by the detail. They just look stunning (and sexy).



i also want to mention that this picture was taken by the AMAZING Marlly. She’s the bestest so check out her flickr AND her blog, MarRee, that she does with Ree. It also, is way better than anything i could produce. SO CHECK IT OUT OR I WILL PUNCH FIGHT YOU!



Hair : Magika – Andarial in Blonde
Top : Miseria – Mermaid Bustier in lily
Bottoms : Gawk! – Ultra High Waisted Panties in Pink
Boots : Addictia – Adnata in Graphite

Pose & whip : Magnifique – Dominatrix 1


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