Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

When in doubt, wear red.

i bought this Opera overcoat from Bellies a while back and never really wore it. Just one of those “oh i really like that! i’m gonna buy it but i don’t see myself ever wearing it!” days. Wellll, tonight i was feeling smart so i threw it on with these sweet No Lenses glasses from [ glow ] studio (purchased at The Dressing Room Blue) because glasses always make you look smarter. So i headed on over to….some place that looks fancy and where like, smart people would hang out at and voila la! Don’t i look, like, so smart? *tilts my head to the side and chews on the end of a pencil*. Can’t forget to mention the great 1st Mate capris from Artilleri, which i can honestly tell you that i wore every day for like, two months after i got them. Kinda like this hair from Milana. i don’t think i’ve worn another hairstyle since buying it.


And don’t worry, i know i still owe you one more bikini shot…don’t worry. it’s coming.


Wearing :
Hair : Milana – Tami/Roots in light blonde
Glasses : Glow Studio – No lenses reybey in white (TDRB)
Jacket : Bellies – Red Top Opera Overcoat
Pants : Artilleri – 1st Mate Capris in white

Pose : Exposeur – i love being a girl! 36


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