Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

But damn, here I am

i’ve been in SL for two years. i’ve changed shapes twice, skins two maybe three times. Yesterday i decided to change again (despite being told that i’m “gorgeous” all the time…not trying to be conceited or anything lol) BUT i felt like changing and i actually found a shape and skin that i really really really really REALLY wanted had to have.

So here’s the new me:

Amazing no?

The shape and skin are called Emily, both from AMD. i said in an earlier post that i wanted this skin because it reminded me of Paris Hilton (i love her, i think she’s one smart cookie….don’t judge me). i have to say i am EXTREMELY happy with this purchase. Just one little issue: the shape. Only an issue for me because i don’t like the look of mile wide hips and big ass. But that’s just me. So i just edited the lower half a bit and made myself shorter. There’s more curves than in my last shape but i think i like it. it just…feels right.

Close up of my new facelift (best doctors in SL i tell ya, no pain and super quick recovery)

Let me know what you think!

Wearing :
Hair : Milana – Tami/Roots in Light Blonde
Top : Esther Jen – Corsage Top in Blue
Pants : A&M – I ❤ My Jeans Ripped in Grime (Group Gift)
Eyes : Hermony : MP Eyes in Chocolate

Pose : TeaSoup


Talk to me, baby!

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