Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Since it’s called Bikini Beach, we thought we should give visitors an extra incentive.

Back to the swimsuit thing…

See that hot guy in the pic? His name is Bouncer Criss & yes, he’s THAT hot. We recently did another shot together which can be found here (along with all his other amazing photos). Well, i decided that i wanted one for my blog and he graciously agreed (that and i have a crush on him so i just wanted his body all pressed up against mine….just joking). Obviously with him in the picture, noone will be looking at me but i’ll just mention that the bikini is from Luck Inc and the hair is from elikatira.

Wearing :

Hair : Elikatira – Later in blonde 2
Bikini : Luck Inc – Ibiza Bikini in Tartan

Skin : Belleza – Shawn
Shape : Maverick Designs
Hair :  NSD – Clarkson
Suit : Action – Neon Swim Trunks
Necklace : HOD – Nothing’s Necklace
Necklace : Kosh – The Key Necklace

Poses : TeaSoup – Take Me There /  I’m Stumped (Couples)


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