Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

We used to call her Miss Sparkle Plenty because she was so vivacious.

The Fashion Garrett is open again! \o/
i only found out about TFG a few weeks ago….boy, i’m sure glad i did! Last time around, i bought the super detailed, amazing looking Nature Necklace II and the equally amazing AMD Teegan skin pack. It’s the 10th edition for TFG (i think?) and there was a few things i wanted but i had some self control. i bought the new TFG necklace, a cute Anchor for only 30$L, Action‘s Sarah hair and a dress from Nemesis called Enchantress.

First, let’s start with the hair. This is the second hair i’ve ever bought from Action. The first was Molly (cause it had a cool toque). i’ve never thought of Action as a big hair designer but i figured i’d give them another try since they seem to have changed like, everything they did with hair before. After fitting the Sarah hair to my apparently ginormous head, i noticed a script called “Lock Head”. Curious as to what this was, i turned it on and OH EM GEE! Greatest thing ever to put in a hair that goes down your chest! It literally locks your head up a touch so the hair doesn’t go through your ta-tas. Genius. (At least, that’s what i think it’s there for). There are some options for streaks (on/off/colour) as well as for the hair elastics. i’m sure all hair packs are available at the mainstore but only Coal is available at TFG, which kind of sucks cause i’ve stopped wearing black hair (BUT im not complaining cause it was only 70$L!)

Second, THIS DRESS! Not only is it PINK, it’s SPARKLE-Y!!! Ok, honestly, i usually don’t do sparkle-y but i totally DO pink so this was a must! The detail is great and what it looks like on you, is pretty much what it looks like in the ad (which is always a plus cause how often is the ad photoshopped to the tits that you can’t believe you even bought the same product?)

i threw on some makeup from cheLLe and the Zebra Disc necklace from bellballs to bring the whole thing together.

Make up : cheLLe – Fuk Ur Drama – Priori Incantatem
Hair : Action – Sarah in Coal (TFG)
Necklace : bellballs – Disc Charm Zeebra
Bracelet : Blizted – Legacy Bracelet
Dress : Nemesis – Enchantress Dress in Honeysuckle (TFG)

Pose : Bent! Essential Pack 1


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