Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

A dress makes no sense unless it inspires men to take it off of you.

i’m sure if you look in your inventory, you’ll find that you have one or two stores that you have like…half of the stores products listed there. For me, it’s League, Luck Inc and Acid & Mala. i’m gonna focus on A&M this post because i feel that out of the three brands mentioned, they have improved the most.

The first product i bought from A&M was the Punk Baby black leather jacket (rolled version). i thought it was  the shit…like i was the hottest badass chick is SL (i know right). Since then it’s been downhill or uphill depending on how you look at it lol. i absolutely LOVE this brand but i honestly believe they have come VERY far in terms of quality and texture. Going into the store, looking at some of their older stuff, i would never buy it now because to me, it doesn’t appeal to me visually. Kinda contradictory, i know. i love their newer stuff but find the old stuff ugly.

Either way, A&M is one of my top 5 favourite brands in SL and i find myself always buying their newest releases. The new Smocked dress is just adorbs! i couldn’t say no when i saw it on the SBS list. The Zombiepopcorn hunt prize is also a Smocked dress, so it’s one store you don’t want to skip over!

Wearing Left:
LeLutka – Keiko in Marilyn
A&M – Smocked Dress (ZombiePopcorn Hunt)
A&M – My Yummy Necklace
Hermony – Wristlocker & Wristband

Pose : drm ❤ Paola

Wearing Right:
Hermony – Ultimate Cigarette (Pink Zebra Add-On)
A&M – Triple Skull&Pearls necklace (Old ZombiePopcorn)
A&M – Punk Baby in Black Leather (Rolled Version)
A&M – Summer Top in Sweet Pink
A&M – I ❤ My Jeans in Dark Blue (DSN Hunt)

Pose: Diesel Works – FightMe10


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